Isolation, Characterization and Evaluation of Anti-convulsant Activity of Rubus Antidiabetic Activity of the Plant Abutilon indicum in Streptozotocin Induced. Abutilon hirtum extract and fractions exhibited anti-inflammatory analgesic, antipyretic and antipyretic activities which may be attributed by the. Abutilon indicum Sweet is an Asia phytomedicine traditionally used to treat several disorders, including diabetes mellitus. However, molecular.

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The combinations of these characters provide reliable characters for species identification. In view of this that milk decoction of AR can stimulate more milk production in lactating females, experiments were performed to determine the potentiality of it over aqueous decoction of AR as galactogogue in rats. View at Google Scholar A. Its Bioactivities and Evaluation antieiabetic Physicochemical Properties. Tress is extensively tapped for their resin in India and is the main source of resin in that region.

The present study involves the quality control study of parameters of leaves of Tylophora indica Brum. The results demonstrated that administration of A.

In addition all the extracts have shown CNS depressant activity. The findings of antidiabetic properties in this study are summarized in Figure 7and support the ethnobotanical use of A.

Volume2,Issue2 – Pharmacognosy Phytochemistry

Clayton, Medical Plants in Thailandvol. The present study also demonstrates that the butanol fraction enhances 3T3-L1 adipocyte differentiation by an increase of accumulation of differentiation and fat cell marker genes Figure 4. Lyophilized extract was preserved in an airtight bottle at room temperature and protected from light until use. The leaves, twigs and roots of A.


Anti-diabetic and analgesic activity of leaves of abutilon indicum

Most plants with antidiabetic properties have been found to contain metabolites such as glycosides, alkaloids and flavonoids [ 9 ]. The accumulation of these mRNA reflects both the rate of initiation of transcription and the half time of degradation of those transcripts. The needles being rich in resin content is a highly antiiabetic fuel for igniting forest fires. The differentiation media was changed every 2 days until day 4.

For adipocyte differentiation, differentiation medium containing 0. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts.

Monthly Publishing Peer Reviewed Journal

By clicking on Request Paper activlty Agree to pay the above mentioned cost per paper. The effect of crude extract of A. It is a fleshy climbing shrub distributed through out India and Asian countries.

Assays were performed in triplicate for each experiment group as previously described [ 24 ].

Insulin acitvity is a key feature in type 2 DM as well as in obesity and plays an important pathophysiological role [ 3 ]. Thailand and water ad libitum. The distribution region plays an important determinant of pine distribution and abundance in the landscape. These results suggest that the extract from A.


Adiponectin is exclusively expressed by mature adipocytes and is antiviabetic most abundant circulating adipokine. Looking for Past Issues? Abstract Abutilon indicum L. Plant Material The leaves, twigs and roots of A.

Enter your contact information below to receive full paper. This pathway has been reported to be involved in the regulation of GLUT 1 expression [ 47 ]. Introduction Diabetes mellitus DM is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by hyperglycemia resulting from defects in insulin secretion, insulin action, or both; the incidence of diabetes is increasing worldwide.

In fact, it has been known that the extrapancreatic action of glibenclamide has an important role to inhibit glucose production by liver and improve carbohydrate metabolism in diabetes [ 3435 ], and increases glucose disposal by stabilizing GLUT1 protein at the plasma membrane of muscle [ 36 ].

In this report, we examined whether the extract of A. Thus, extrapancreatic action such as stimulating liver and muscle fructose-2,6-bisphosphate formation may be involved in the effect of both glibenclamide and extracts used in this study rather than insulin secretion.

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