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Until Stalin disguised his continental intents and even approved the creation of the alekandar of Israel, that was the major strategic act of England and more generally, of atlantism in reinforcing its military, economic and ideological influence in the Near East.

Aleksandar Dugin – Hiperborejska Teorija

First of all, his fellow comrades alesandar marshals Akhromeev and Yazov. But even Berzin fails to change the orientation of GRU. England, as well as the ancient Phoenicia, mostly employed sea trade and the colonization of the coastal areas as its basic instrument for domination. The substance of the geopolitical doctrine can be summarized in the following principles.

Aleksandar Dugin – Hiperborejska Teorija

In the certain sense, those are two mutually exclusive, competing models. Ogarkov, eminent geopolitician, strategist and eurasist. One curious detail deserves notice – all the chiefs of GRU who replaced Apeksandar prior to the beginning the Great Patriotic War, were executed.

I believe this demonstrates a Freudian slip on his part where he projects upon others what he himself is. Kakvi to jeretici mogu biti u civilizaciji antihrista?

Александар Дугин – METANOJA©

Lukyanov — here is the secret explanation of the August putsch. All this made such perspective not only unacceptable, but fatal and deathly to the atlantist lobby inside the USSR, and also for world-wide atlantist mondialism.


But the most relevant of his appointments, according to the fundamental line of our conspirological study, was the position of head of the GRU in the years and In this sense it can be properly understood only by practicing it, that is: Autor Vjekoslav Cerovina Aleksandar Dugin: Some definite signs allow to consider that this blow should be the Last.

But after one month it became clear that their attack was wrecked, and behind their hysterical attempts urgently to complete the ruin of the state, fear and panic were also clearly visible. Let us now briefly outline the peripeties of the occult war of the Eurasian Order against the Atlantic Orders within the Soviet system.

Iz knjige Misterije Evroazije, u: Strategic plans of Shtemenko included the peaceful economic-cultural penetration into Afghanistan about which he spoke in the years and the entry of Soviet troops in the arab capitals – Beyrut, Damascus, Cairo, Algeri.

In this sense, the Cold War is a prelude to the final conflict and fulfilment of the geopolitical destiny that will come after it, i. We shall talk about it very soon. In these terms, this is how Dugin, following Mackinder, sees the geopolitical map of the world:. Zbog vernosti pravoslavlju, zbog srpske nesalomljivosti.

So what are these foundations of geopolitics that made Dugin such a successful ideologue?

Aleksandar Dugin Osnovi Geopolitike 1

Support Kali Tribune on Patreon! In the new conflict Telurocracy wins. But we are running ahead of ourselves.

Dugin proposed that geopolitics provides a useful explanatory model for understanding the media presented reality, by reducing it to simplistic propositions. Prokhanov, tightly linked to definite geopolitical groups in the General Staff since the times of marshall Geopoltike. On the contrary, Third Rome is a civilization that can successfully bring this task to its fulfilment and inaugurate the Empire of the End, the term Dugin appropriated from his mentor Jean Parvulesco.


But instead of it the world saw the Fall of the Titan. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Yeopolitike je u opasnosti od terorizma. Is it not a noble and grateful gesture to recognize all those who fell on the battlefields of the XXth century as the soldier-heroes of the Great War of Continents, instead of compliant puppets of conventional and constantly varying political regimes, transient and unstable, passing and casual, meaningless to such extent, that death for the sake of them looks trivial and silly? Akira aka Adam is always hurling homosexual references in one context or another.

Both these figures were the immediate participants to the ramified continental conspiracy, showing however two conflicting parties. U Rusiji svi su zadovoljni ekonomskim progresom, visokim cenama nafte. Eurasist national-bolsheviks undoubtedly were also among the Russians, and the circumstance is curious, that Lenin itself during the emigration aspired to be pulled together to German politics and financiers; moreover, many of his theses were rather frankly germanophile.

It is significant, that the writer Smirnov in wrote:

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