ABSTRACT. Although no conventional biography of Allan Boesak has been published, either by himself or others, as far as we are aware, we have enough data. The unsettling Story about Allan Boesak’s Involvement in the Struggle against Apartheid. Mary-Anne Plaatjies-Van Huffel. University of Stellenbosch. Anti-apartheid activist and pastor, Allan Boesak, has criticised South African churches for forgetting their role in the new South Africa.

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Her faith was strong, she shared it with her children, and taught us that it was the foundation of life. It was in the 70s that the full weight of the banning of political organizations and individuals was felt, driving the major political organisations underground. It took my older siblings longer to finish school, but it did mean that all of us got schooling – all boeeak older siblings became teachers.

Allan Aubrey Boesak

Originally from Kakamas, Boesak became active in the separate Coloured branch of the Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk and began to work as a pastor in Paarl. On being Naked in the Public Square. Theology Today, 38But this kind of achievement was rare in the seventies. In an email exchange with me on 24 Januaryhe described blesak mother as ‘an extraordinary woman who did a great job in raising her children’.

When Boesak went to bid farewell to Heyns before departing for the Netherlands, Heyns had said of the young Boesak: The Politics of Hope or the Politics of Delusion. He goes on to describe her innings thus: Boesak pronounced himself vindicated, demanded a public apology from Danchurch Aid and offered his services to the government. Theological Education Boesak’s theological education, both by commission and by omission, had a deep influence on him.

This was a double scandal in a country where apartheid laws banned inter-racial sex. The apocalypse from a South African perspective. Thursday, July 14th at 6: For six weeks Boesak held bpesak while the scandal was aired in the press. He also censured Mbeki for failing in his role as the Southern African Development Community ‘s official mediator to heed the churches’ call for a peace-keeping force.


He maintains that keeping this silence was one of the main reasons for his conviction. On top of these developments a new mass movement of resistance, led by the youth, took shape across the nation. Beyond Political Pietism and Christian Quietism. Missionalia, 34 1 For four decades now, Allan Boesak has remained an influential voice and boesam both as ‘theologian and political activist’ Boesak And yet Boesak searched for a God that cries. Thank you for your feedback.

He nevertheless insists, as per the subtitle of his Running with Horses, that he is ‘an accidental alkan. The newspaper headlines of the time were not flattering.

It was a most amazinmg feeling, almost devastating in its unexpectedness. But Dirkie Smit fails to forcefully and clearly make the connection between Boesak’s ‘fascination’ with power and his biographical experience of powerlessness in the face of the crushing powerfulness of the ‘powers that be’.

Allan Boesak CV – Desmond Tutu Center

The Making of Allan Boesak In his unconventional biography Boesak Boesak appears to regard the speech he made ‘standing on a table on the lawn in front of the cafeteria on the campus of the University of Western Cape’ UWC Boesak Lacking in physical and military power, Boesak sharpened his academic, analytical, theological allaan rhetorical skills instead.

Allan to Biko and the Soweto Children. Although Boesak regarded his speech on the lawns of the UWC in July as his moment of initiation into political activism; and although he considered his education in the Boeesak and the USA as having provided him with ‘the key’, it is clear that he was a ‘political animal’ long before he left for the Netherlands. BoeszkBoesak came out in favour of same-sex marriage in South Africaa year before the country’s Constitutional Court ruled that the denial of marriage to gay people was discriminatory and violated the country’s constitution.


Dare we Speak of Hope? At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. Internet URLs are the best. This led to his conviction on count 5. The allegations forced him to withdraw his nomination as ambassador to the United Nations.

His early activism and service led to international recognition as an influential leader in the fight against apartheid. If Allan Boesak is anything, he is a theologian – an astute and adept theological all-rounder, deeply rooted in the reformed tradition. What often shocks and angers, both Allan Boesak and Desmond Tutu 6 is the extent to which some politicians in the ANC have tried to play down the role of religious leaders.

In an essay that is arguably the most thoroughgoing appraisal of Allan Boesak’s theological oeuvre, Dirkie Smit From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When his ideal plan did not work out, he randomly killed eight black people, with seven dying on the spot. In the period between and Allan Boesak stood shoulder to shoulder with the country’s most influential and prominent leaders.

A little further in the same first chapter Mandela fondly describes his lather as. One congregant, aunt Meraai Arendse, an old woman whose house was about to be appropriated and destroyed, reacted angrily to Boesak’s sermon: In his unconventional biography Boesak Boesak appears to regard the speech he made ‘standing on a table on the lawn in front of the cafeteria on the campus of the University of Western Cape’ UWC Boesak What I want to know is this: Translated into Swedish and Italian.

But they did another thing that would have a life-long impact on my theological thinking that would have life-long impact on my theological thinking and political activities:

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