Ambattha Sutta contains two special moments: 1) the mention of the possession by the Buddha of an illusory body (this can be seen in the. With Ambaṭṭha. So I have heard. At one time the Buddha was wandering in the land of the Kosalans together with a large Saṅgha of around five hundred. Ambattha Sutta. Preached at Icchānankala when Ambattha-mānava visited the Buddha (D.3). Reference is made to the Commentary on this sutta where a.

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And I too approve it; I also, Amba tth a, say:. Talk presented to the members of the Buddha Center on Saturday, November 15, The Lord opened the door, and Ambattha went it.

The ascetics then attain various insights, the cessations of the ammbattha and taints, walked the eightfold path and achieve enlightenment. Ambattha approached them and said, “Where is the Reverend Gotama to be found just now?

Ambattha went up to the dwelling and onto the veranda, coughed, and knocked.

DN 3 Ambattha Sutta –

The aristocrat is best of those people who take clan as the standard. The Shakyans descended from the four elder legitimate sons of King Okkaka, who intermarried with their own sisters to maintain the blood purity of the Shakyan line.

When Kanha went to King Okkaha and asked for his daughter Maddarupi as wife, the king was angry and despised him. And he stuck out his shtta and stroked back and forth on his ear holes and nostrils, and covered his entire forehead with his tongue. Would he be offered a seat or water among the Brahmans?

3. Ambattha Sutta

The refrain from here onwards is: Search found 1 books and stories containing Ambattha Sutta. Brahman Pokkharasadi is angry at Ambattha because the latter caused a negative opinion from the Buddha not only about himself, but also about him.


Although you have not attained unto this supreme perfection of wisdom and goodness, and have not attained to living on fruits fallen of themselves, and have not attained to living on bulbs and roots and fruits, and have not attained to serving the fire-god, have you been taught to build yourself a four-doored almshouse at a spot where four high roads cross, and dwell there as one who would fain observe the vow to entertain whosoever might pass that way, from any of the four directions, according to your ability and according to your power?

What do you think, Ambattha? After conquering this land girt by sea, he reigns by principle, without rod or sword. We have here probably the ancient name of the very elaborate girdles which all the fashionable women and goddesses wear on the old bas reliefs. He is well born, Gotama, and of good family; he is versed in the sacred hymns, an able reciter, a learned man.

So Buddhaghosa; but he gives no further details as to the terms; of the grant, or of the tenancy. When he was born, Black Boy said: Please repeat the question. IV, there were also Amba tth as who were not Brahmans by birth, but farmers.

Ambattha Sutta: 1 definition

This is that knowledge. He told them that Kanha although he was a son of surta salve-girl he was a great mighty sage who was well versed with mantras. A goblin is born!

And the Blessed One asked the same question again. What have you heard said by Brahmins who are venerable, aged, the teachers of teachers? Furthermore, take some ascetic or brahmin who, not managing to obtain this supreme knowledge and conduct, or to get by eating fallen fruit, or to get by eating tubers and fruit, or to serve the sacred flame, sets up a fire chamber in the central square and dwells there, thinking: However, sufta Buddha does not take the bait.


May the Reverend Gotama pardon him.

suta Therefore, Ambattha is instructed to go quietly to the door, cough, and knock on the bolt, which he does. I have much business, much to do.

With regard to this, it is not proper that they do not pay homage to the Brahmins. The king said to him: Pokkharasati goes to the Buddha and asks him about the conversation he had with Ambattha, so the Buddha tells him.

The chariot of the time, as represented on the bas reliefs, had standing room for four passengers, the steeds wore plumes on their heads, and had their manes and tails elaborately plaited. The Lord would not ambatthw having a conversation with ambathta a young man. Suppose a brahmin boy was to sleep with an aristocrat girl, and they had a son.

It was a crown property given by King Pasenadi of Kosala, teeming with living creatures, full of hay, wood, water, and grain, a royal endowment of the highest quality. Deliver me from this dirt and I will bring you profit! One or two of the details ambattna not quite certain, as yet. So that, even when a Kshatriya has fallen into the deepest degradation.

Rishi Mission accomplished, the Buddha now defends Ambattha to his friends, pointing out that Kanha became a great and powerful rishi in the south, where he learned the mantras. And if the king aims the arrow at the crown prince, he will be safe and untouched.

Ambattha Sutta Ambattha Sutta contains two special moments: Translated for SuttaCentral by Sujato Bhikkhu. Do you and your teacher live in accordance with this unexcelled knowledge and conduct?

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