Early Childhood 3 – 6. In an Infant / Toddler community two age ranges can be distinguished: Nido (2. About Heutink. Together with us. Nienhuis Montessori was founded in

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Buy Nienhuis Montessori Materials

Just about everything you might need to keep your classroom complete and in the best possible condition. Our extensive range of crafting materials enable children to be creative, use their imagination and explore their artistic performance. Now able to form hypotheses, to use logic and reason, to glean information through research, and to make knowledgeable assumptions nienhuiw suppositions; the child has reached the point of abstract thinking.

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Each location has its own specialty. More about Nienhuis Montessori. Child Care Sri Lanka Heutink offers financial support to improve the opportunity for good education for the children of the employees of our factory in Sri Lanka, Nienhuis Asia.

You probably have met me somewhere around the globe at one of the many Montessori conferences or congresses. Learning is in the details Our products. Our new material development.

This is what Maria Montessori would have done when she would still be alive.

Early Childhood 3 – 6

Heutink offers financial support to improve the opportunity for good education for the children of the employees of our factory in Sri Lanka, Nienhuis Asia. We develope and distribute high quality Montessori products and offer preschools and elementary schools in the US the very best, selfmade materials. Nienhuis Montessori offers a selection of almost 1.


Do you prefer a catalogue? Explore our materials at the new Nienhuis. All furniture should support the freedom of choice and the freedom of movement in a Montessori classroom. He has shown us the true process of construction of the human being. Extensive research and consulting with experts in the field of early childhood learning has resulted in a unique range of materials.

What all production sites have in common is the pursuit of high-grade craftsmanship, complete involvement, attaining perfection and a high dose social responsibility. Learning is in the details Precise materials are at the heart of a Montessori education. Heutink International provides the very best global educational brands, which are geared towards learning through play. Movement Gross and fine movement skills as well as coordination form the basis for later learning.

Early omntessori The Montessori pre-school classroom is a ‘living room’ for children. Spare Parts Nienhuis Montessori offers a selection of almost 1. In line with the Montessori vision, we develop materials which create a stimulating educational environment, in which the child always has a central position.

A children’s house

A selection of our new mojtessori Bootjack. We are happy to sent you one! After the establishment of the first Casa dei Bambini in Rome,the news of the miracle children was quick to spread to Italy’s neighbouring countries, and the rest of the world. This service prevents you from having to invest in a new material.


Click here for the international Nienhuis Montessori website, or here to purchase Nienhuis materials. History Heutink was founded ctaalogue Reinier Willem Heutink in Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated and inspired on the latest Nienhuis Montessori USA news, events and many more.

Music Rhythm exercises, making music, dancing and singing should be an integrated part of the curriculum.

Heutink, an originally Dutch company, has over years of experience in education. This website makes use of cookies to enhance browsing experience and provide additional functionality.

Heutink was founded by Reinier Willem Heutink ctalogue Fortunately they were able to combine their factory trip with a visit to two nearby disadvantaged schools to hand out little presents from the Heutink Foundation and the Edukans Shoe Box Appeal.

They inspire children to search for nienhhuis special. We works with specialists from within the field of education who share our ambition.

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