Texas Instruments CD Latches are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Texas Instruments CD Latches. Quad R/S latch with 3-state outputs. Rev. 11 — 24 March Product data sheet. Table 1. Ordering information. All types operate from °C to +85 °C. CD datasheet, CD circuit, CD data sheet: FAIRCHILD – Quad 3- STATE NOR R/S Latches. Quad 3-STATE NAND R/S Latches,alldatasheet.

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In this scenario a common reset channel on cd44043 IC would help maximizing the numbers of available latches in the same footprint and make the circuit more elegant and simple.

CD Datasheet Fairchild Semiconductor pdf data sheet FREE from

I would disagree, but I may be missing the picture here. Looks like an SR is my only choice here, but my brain is just a drop of the ocean.

Any way, take into account that the SNN has been obsolete for 25 years, its not a good idea to even consider that part for a new design. So you may then want to consider another alternative.

Never say you are nobody! Dec 10, 5. With all these invisible radio frequencies flying through the air, we should know a little bit about what exactly they are! You can derive a similar deduction for CD SNN simply has all of its reset inputs internally connected.


Zio Stampella 8 3. No, create an account now. Actually, the second datasheer is pretty much the same as tkng’s. Thanks for the reply. ON part of the switch is not used but has Vo I could split the poles having 2 isolated switches and connect per original idea.

Got some parts in today to test and a new solderless breadboard I have wanted to get one for years. eatasheet

LED selection indicators controlled by multiple switches | All About Circuits

Please note I’ve never tested it, yet I think it will work. If cx4043 find the switch bounce affects the circuit performance, you can add a capacitor of nF 0. The reason why I was looking at concentrating everything in Hex Latches instead of Quad Latches was to reduce the IC count and, with this, to have a cleaner design of the traces.

So moving those diodes and disconnecting the D and barQ will make it pretty much the same as Ken’s diagram if I’m not mistaken aside dwtasheet the output transistors. Don’t worry about the mistake.

For this reason is important that the circuit is able to record a state change even if brief without any clock or external intervention. Post as a guest Name.

LED selection indicators controlled by multiple switches

I would spare the fixed via to the enable having it routed to the MCU and used to control the reset AND the enable itself and would have all the resets linked together in a clean way. One thing I did find is that with 3. That second schematic is kinda like what tkng posted with my inquiry of having the resets run off the switches instead of the output. I would probably need to contemplate it for datqsheet some time to fully grasp it.


I will have to look at these shematics some more later. While not the ideal for the approach here simple, cheap and reliable circuit, with only the MCU as “critical complexity”I believe that your comment may deserve an answer by itself for posterity.

LED selection indicators controlled by multiple switches Reply to Thread. Jan 7, Tony EE rocketscientist A state change on the inputs would wake the MCU cd4403 whereupon it reads the inputs and then goes back to sleep. I will let you know how it turns out once I can get someone to test it. Dec 11, 7. I would prefer a non-toggle action. Thanks for your input!

Enric Blanco 4, 5 11 Switches controlled by MCU Posted by drevilz in forum: Yes, my password is: The CD is indeed the one I have in the design now. I will fix that tonight. See line 1 of the question, it suggests the OP’s considered that. You can achieve the same externally in your PCB design, very easily albeit with a lower density, you’re right.

For this to work you need a pull-down resistor on every output. Dec 10, 3.

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