The Eurapipe ABS system comprises a range of matched pressure pipes and fittings, jointed together by a wide variety of methods including cold solvent cement. Euratech Industries Sdn. Bhd. is principally engaged in the manufacturing and sales of. Eurapipe ABS pressure pipes and fittings. Our products are widely used . MSDS. Eurapipe ABS Primer MSDS · Eurapipe ABS Solvent Cement MSDS · Tangit ABS Solvent Cement MSDS · Tangit CPVC Solvent Cement MSDS [ KB.

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Drums and jerry cans must be of the non-removable head type.

Satefy & Consumables

Methyl ethyl ketone is also expected to undergo photodecomposition in the atmosphere by natural sunlight. For materials with a viscosity of at least cSt.

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Application of a non-perfumed moisturiser is recommended. If fumes or combustion products are inhaled remove from contaminated area. S37 Wear suitable gloves.

S40 To clean the floor and all objects contaminated by this material, use water. Use water delivered as a fine spray to control the fire and cool adjacent area.

This addition is an equilibrium reaction that is reversible upon a eura;ipe of water concentration and the reaction ultimately leads to no permanent change in the structure of the ketone substrateThe higher molecular weight ketones do no form stable ketals. Flush skin and hair with running water and soap if available.



Under strongly basic conditions these hydrogen atoms may be abstracted to form an enolate anion. Gloves must only be worn on clean hands. Positive-pressure ventilation using a bag-valve mask might be of use. Special hazards arising from the substrate or mixture Fire Incompatibility: Closed containers may rupture due to pressure buildup under fire conditions. S33 Take precautionary measures against static discharges.

It can transfer higher temperature liquids than eurapiipe. Therefore, the ketones are eurapipw to water under ambient environmental conditions Another possible reaction of ketones in water involves the enolic hydrogen on the carbons bonded to the carbonyl function. Long-term exposure to respiratory irritants may result in disease of the airways involving difficult breathing and related systemic problems. Mechanical means should be used if it is considered necessary to evacuate the stomach contents; these include gastric lavage after endotracheal intubation.

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Alert Fire Brigade and tell them location and nature of hazard. The material is very tough and resilient, has high impact strength, good chemical resistance, non-toxic and taint free. Due to aabs long-term strength characteristics, high stiffness and cost effectiveness, uPVC systems account for a large proportion of plastic piping installations.


This is complemented by a wide array of imported moulded, compression and electrofusion fittings from leading global manufactures. Store away from incompatible materials in a cool, dry well ventilated area. Note that properties of a material may change in use, and recycling or reuse may not always be appropriate.

Check that containers are clearly labelled and free from leaks. Remember me on this computer. Fish LC50 24 h: Contaminants of high toxicity 3: Limited evidence suggests that repeated or long-term occupational exposure may produce cumulative health effects involving organs or biochemical systems.

Contaminants of low toxicity or of nuisance value only. Biodegradation of this compound is expected based upon numerous screening tests. Some ketones produce neurological disorders polyneuropathy characterised by bilateral symmetrical paresthesia and muscle weakness primarily in the legs and arms.

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