The good news is that you could likely sell the FW and turn right around .. I miss my GDM-FW so bad, still the best monitor ever made. From my research the GDM-FW is still top dog after so many years. Perhaps when OLED monitors become more common with a hz. A GDM-FW in good condition (no dimming or distortion) is worth around $2,, USD. A new-old-stock unit is currently worth around.

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God, I so miss Fw90. That is a silly link to a medical imaging targeted specialized monitor. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Sony GDM FW Overview – CNET

May get a bit confusing if you’re not into his world, but it’s awesome. I was afraid I’d developed glaucoma until I looked away. Both my huge monitor and my huge pile of money have passed on. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

SH1May 21, Any serious professional would look at Eizo, not for the faint of heart, very pricey. Have one to sell? GO, but “paid” is a stretch.


Download Alexa for your Windows 10 F900 for free. In any case, their picture quality would meet your “amazing” fw9900. The problem is someone has to test for it. I nervously hooked it up, hoping that I hadn’t undergone life and death drama-hauling the replacement up three flights of stairs and lugging the original down three flights of stairs-in vain.

I own fw9000 company that provides specialist services to digital post production clients. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Sep 1, Posts: They’re great monitors that can do an easy x 85Hz or x Hz. Video Input Analog Video Signal. I have heard that it has a poor reliability record, but mine has given me no problems.

Sony GDM FW900

I need to upgrade monitors but shy away from IPS and the like. The prices I provided are current and correct.

Her red gun died, so I had to put her out to pasture. I don’t have a too great vision so the lower PPI count feels great as I have a bigass desk, it just feels great. Go to a 30″ then. Their is no native Hz p display yet. Last problem is the casing or bezel or whatever you want to call the front of the monitor, but it’s quite fragile. It is also 27″ p and can overclock up to Hz.


Not that I think you’re wrong or anything, but it is just a ratio. Make certain that this monitor is not already well past its prime. I don’t get the downvotes. The dimmest one is barely visible, even at night.

Sony GDM-FW – Album on Imgur

May 4, Posts: At work we’ve gone through tons of them, and now finally they are almost all replaced with LCDs. If it arrives with uneven brightness, color shifts, or convergence problems, you’ll have the hassle of dealing with an EBay seller and shipping a 90 lb. I know, for example, that the last good CRT I owned Sun GDM had a fault where over time it took longer and longer to reach maximum darkness and tight focus.

They’d have been on 5 days a week, for ten hours a day since purchase. Never used it, but thought it was cool. No, that’s not true. Laptop screens are another story.

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