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High-side floating gate-drive output.

Previous 1 2 As the voltage on the pin exceeds 3. A capacitor and a resistor are connected from this pin to GND to set both the maximum duration of an overcurrent condition before the IC stops switching and the delay after which the IC restarts switching.

L6599 Datasheet PDF

As the voltage exceeds a 0. Tie the pin to GND if the function is not used.

This pin, normally open, is intended for stopping the PFC controller, for protection purpose or during burst-mode operation. Pin settings Pin functions continued Name Function Minimum oscillator frequency setting. Their combination offers complete protection against overload and short circuits. A capacitor connected from this pin to GND is charged and discharged by internal current generators programmed by the external network connected to pin 4 RFmin and determines the switching frequency of the converter.


This input is not intended for a cycle-by-cycle control; hence the voltage signal must be filtered to get average current information. Tie the pin to RFmin if burst-mode is not used.

Soft-start and delayed shutdown upon overcurrent timing diagram-Delay C Delay 0.

The input section is provided withLa double datashset primary controller for resonant half-bridge ZVS zero voltage switching. This pin connects an external capacitor to GND and a resistor to RFmin pin 4 that set both the maximum oscillator frequency and the time constant for the frequency shift that occurs as xatasheet chip starts up soft-start.

Functions Pin functions Name Function Soft start. Oscillator’s internal block diagram Linformation L Figure A current generator and is slowly discharged by the external resistor.

Internally the pin connects a comparator that, when the voltage on the pin exceeds datasyeet. Output voltage regulation is obtained by modulating the operating frequency. This pin provides a precise 2 V reference and a resistor connected from this pin to GND defines a current that is used to set the minimum oscillator frequency.

datsaheet Bypass the pin with a capacitor to GND to reduce noise pick-up. The pin senses some voltage related to the feedback control, which is compared to an internal reference 1.

(PDF) L6599 Datasheet download

To close the feedback loop that regulates the converter output voltage by modulating the oscillator frequency, the phototransistor of an optocoupler will be connected to this pin through a resistor. The driver is capable of 0. If the voltage on the pin is lower than the reference, the IC enters an idle state and its quiescent current is reduced.


The IC enables the designer to set the operating frequency range of the converter by means of an externally programmable oscillator. LApplication information L Figure The pin is not internally connected to isolate the high-voltage pin and ease compliance with safety regulations creepage distance on the PCB. Current return for the high-side gate-drive current.

L from STMicroelectronics

The IC can be forced to enter a controlled burst-mode operation at light load, so as to keep converter’s input consumption to a minimum. A higher level OCP latches off the IC if the first-level protection is not sufficient to control the primary current. All of the eatasheet connections of the bias components should be tied to a track going to this pin and kept separate from any pulsed current return.

LA datasheet, STMicroelectronics 3. The value of this resistor will set the maximum operating frequency.

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