show first that the evolution of the income distribution in Ecuador has followed dif- LOSCCA” was replaced by the law “Ley Organica de Servicio Publico. Case No (Ecuador) – Complaint date: NOV – Follow-up . the Civil Service and Administrative Careers (LOSCCA) (now the Organic Law on the Civil . Case No (Ecuador) – Complaint date: OCT – Closed .. section 26(d) and (f) of LOSCCA; section 7 of the Judiciary Regulations on Discipline.

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Originally Posted by Lenin II. I appreciate your support! Join Date May Join Date Jul These include his refusal to renew the lease on a key strategic air base used by the US military in Manta, on the Pacific coast. Though, the rest of the article is helpful, comrade. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: While a failure, the police uprising represents a stark warning.

Originally Posted by Majakovskij. Join Date Oct The revolutionary left, the communists, we assume a duty to support this and all the struggles to defend the interests of the people and country. And was a Maoist at one time. The Hong Se Sun. There are also vast sections of desperately poor and repressed Indigenous people.

Representative democracy is an expression of power of the dominant classes, protects their interests, for the most part, for the working class, remains a rhetoric on whose behalf they are cut out and eduador.


Trabajo y Empleo en Ecuador

At the popular level, things are clear. This site uses cookies.

Moreover, the Committee requests the Government to encourage without delay the initiation of discussions between FETRAPEC losvca the enterprise with a view to recognition of the trade union organization. Previous examination of the case B. Have you ever been to Ecuador? The perpetrators of this attempted coup snuggles the Ecuadorian people to civil war, Lucio Gutierrez, Fausto Cobo, Gilmar Gutierrez, all military service person came to forging this official SP of the police, that certain influences on the remote half of the troops and officers, attempted to strike, together with the MPD-PCMLE them, right-wing bureaucracy entrenched in the institutions of State, Justice, Ministries servers, etc, with some connivance of the Interior Minister Gustavo Jalhk and all ecuadro apparatus of the fascist right and the coup in Ecuador, as the media, lsocca ignore the popular reaction.

Similar Threads Ecuadorean Coup D’etat? Herein lies, without doubt, the strength of the people, it is the guarantee of victory! An act we must always declare opposition against as top priority.

Trabajo y Empleo en Ecuador – EcuadorLegalOnline

Why socialism failed in CCCP? I tend to agree with most contributions by Mao. InHoxha talked with Pedro Pomar of the PCdoB and said that, “[T]he Party will not give up its independence, will not participate in any given popular front and let itself be destroyed. Certainly not, but as has been noted the Hoxhaists took part in the former government in ecuador, although they did quit after 6 month’s probably realizing Gutierrez wasn’t the “patriot” he seemed.


Originally Posted by Wanted Man. Leaders of organized labor, indigenous, peasant, student, teachers have been arrested, prosecuted and persecuted, are the subject of heinous attacks and slander by a sound and atiborrante big media campaign that the government controls, calling them “mediocre “” terrorists, “” corrupt “, etc.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The above poster says that Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmedinajad have support of progressive sectors of society. The Committee also reiterates its previous conclusions and requests the Government once again to take the necessary measures to annul or amend the abovementioned Ministerial Orders and to keep it informed in that regard.

Please shed some light on the contradiction in this situation.

The production relations are for profit with a minimal amount of elasticity in the government to allow for greater or smaller sums of money to be spent on social programs. Look at Honduras, there they too “stood against” the coup but were quick to rehabilitate them as soon as they assumed power.

It can be successfully countered only by means of the independent mobilization of the working class in the struggle for socialism. The center urges that the problems be resolved quickly through respect for the rule of law and constitutional means.

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