74LS73 datasheet, 74LS73 pdf, 74LS73 data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Fairchild Semiconductor, Dual Negative-Edge-Triggered Master-Slave J-K. Texas Instruments 74ls73 Flip Flops are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Texas Instruments 74ls73 Flip Flops. Part Number: 74LS73, Maunfacturer: National Semiconductor, Part Family: 74, File type: PDF, Document: Datasheet – semiconductor.

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The flip-flops are also called as latching devices meaning it can remember one single bit of data and latch the output based 74la73 it, due to this property they are commonly used as shift registers, control registers, storage registers or where ever a small memory is required.

74LS73 View Datasheet(PDF) – Motorola => Freescale

Arduino Pro Mini How to Make Learning More Fun? You can also call us at or send us a message through our Facebook page. That is the pin will held to ground when the button is not pressed and when the button is pressed the pin will be held to supply voltage.

This region of operation in highlighted in red colour on the Truth table above. Create new account Request new password.

74LS73 Dual J-K Flip_Flops IC (with clear) | Tinkbox

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TL — Programmable Reference Voltage.

The J and K data is processed by the flip-flops on the falling edge of the clock pulse. The administrators are still migrating contents to our new home. The JK flip flop is considered to be more suitable for practical application because of its truth table that is the output of the flip flop will be stable for all types of inputs.


Search form Search this site. A low logic level dataheet the clear input will reset the outputs regardless of the levels of the other inputs. The term JK flip flop comes after its inventor Jack Kilby. The clock signal here is just a push button but can be type of pulse like a PWM signal. The output state of the flip flops can be determined form the truth table below. The clock signal for the JK flip-flop is responsible for changing the state of the output. So if you are looking for a IC for latching purpose or to act as a small programmable memory for you project then this IC might be the right choice for you.

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74LS73 Dual J-K Flip_Flops IC (with clear)

Engineered in the Philippines. Product Group Product Description.

The below circuit shows a daasheet sample connection for the JK flip-flop. The below circuit shows a typical sample connection for the JK flip-flop The J and K pins are the input pins for the Flip-Flop and the Q and Q bar pins are the output pins. Normally during regular operation of the IC the reset pin will be set high and the clock pulse of known frequency will be supplied to the clock pin, then the value o J and K will be varied based on the input signals and the respective output will be obtained on the Q and Q bar pins.


This device contains two independent negative-edge-triggered J-K flip-flops with complementary outputs. Note that the input pins are pulled 74,s73 to ground through a 1k resistor, this way we can avoid 74la73 pin in floating condition. Uno R3 Arduino Comp The reset button should be pulled up through a 1K resistor and when grounded will reset the flip-flop.

Meaning it has two JK flip flops inside it and each can be used individually based on our application. Other Services Custom Projects.

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Complete Technical Details can be found at the datasheet given at the end of this page. The flip-flop will change its output only during the rising edge of the clock signal.

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Order Information Free shipping. Some functions may be missing or not functioning. Tinkbox is currently in beta mode. The JK flip flops are considered to be the most efficient flip-flop and can be used for certain applications on its own. Skip to main content.

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