You know summer’s on the way when the beachy jacket art starts showing up. Here are two by Nantucket writers set on the island, where you. Nantucket artist ponders a tryst. An accomplished glassblower, Claire Danner Crispin set aside her work to raise her children. Indeed, for most. Complete summary of Elin Hilderbrand’s A Summer Affair. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of A Summer Affair.

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You know summer’s on the way when the beachy jacket art starts showing up. A summer read, perhaps, if you’re not too fed up with Claire halfway. It was interesting though I just wish I knew Surprisingly, I’m dissapointed.

Like everyone else, I couldn’t stand Claire. A woman “who has everything”, but is dissatisfied with her husband the way the author writes about this poor dude is appallingdecides to have an affair with a wlin.


I really enjoyed this book a lot. Mar 02, Rene Glendening rated it liked it. In all fairness, I only read the first 50 pages of this book, and I would’ve never picked this book up if it weren’t for it being a Book Club choice. Elin Hilderbrand’s unique understanding of the joys and longings hhilderbrand animate women’s lives will make this her newest summer bestseller.

Years earlier Claire felt that she had not tried hard enough to keep Lock’s wife Daphne from driving drunk and a resulting accident left her without the ability to filter her thoughts and Claire filled with guilt.

I don’t know what I expected to find in an Elin Hilderbrand novel. There are a few too many loose ends to make the novel fully satisfying: Nantucket glass artist Claire Danner Crispin has pieces in private collections and one in the Whitney, but is overwhelmed with the needs of her husband and four kids she gave up full-time glassblowing elun take care of the family.

We are all left wondering why Claire is married and stayed married to him, which theoretically is supposed to make the affair okay. That totally bothered me.


Perhaps if the author had gone more in depth on how she and Jason weren’t communicating. We could assume he spent time in jail after being arrested.

A SUMMER AFFAIR by Elin Hilderbrand | Kirkus Reviews

You are a good person, a person who remembers the mailman’s birthday, a person who picks other people’s rubbish up off the beach. Thanks for the review! You want to know what I think? There are more characters in the novel but all of them are flawed and uninteresting Gavin most definitely. I just wanted to shake her and say what are you doing you crazy woman? Meanwhile, Claire is practically killing herself in her zeal to create the perfect work of blown glass for the gala auction. A Summer Affair Author s: Added by 6 of our members.

LOL I’ve been wanting to read Elin Hilderbrand for years, since the gals in my book group are so enamored with her books. My random polar bear would undoubtedly love you at least enough to give you a good splash if you met him. Maybe even the first eelin I decided halfway through that I would cave in, read the last page and then put it away.

I could understand him wanting out of his marriage but not in an affair and Claire had no reason, not that there ever is a good reason. Look at you–dismembering the crustaceans! But I love how this author writes characters with all their imperfections and all their emotions. But Claire, the main character in this book, was unbelievably annoying. Claire doesn’t know what to expect when Lock, Daphne’s husband, approaches her in A Summer Affair by Elin Hilderbrand Claire Danner Crispin can’t seem to forget that night back in when Daphne’s car hit that deer.

While I did finish hilddrbrand book, it’s not one I’d recommend to others. I felt weighed down as I read about Claire having an affair with Lock and her seeming lack of concern hilderrand how deeply it would effect her children and husband. I could see she was trying to show there’s more to attraction and love than physicality, but she drove it home a little too often.


There are moments that I just love her like that bit when Siobhan notes that Claire is enjoying pulling the claws off the lobsters in the quote from A Summer Affair and her characterization has an amazing depth. I think what made this even more ridiculous is that the affair ends so mildly, with NO ellin, and no one finds out. I love to hear from real people! Open Preview See a Problem?

A Summer Affair

My least favorite book by this author. I started off loving it, then disliked it because of what started to happen. View all 6 comments. Doesn’t he look like he’s having fun?

Trivia About A Summer Affair. However, it did end very abruptly. Another thing I’d like to point out is the ending.

This was anything but, and halfway through, I just Oct 02, Mahinui Gail rated it liked it. Claire is a weak person in many ways, but adultery is not something anyone who knows her would expect of her.

Against Jason and against your children and against yourself. You got yourself into the situation – get out of it and stop whinging” What was pleasant to read was about the last quarter of the book, when it finally picked up in speed, things happened, “problems” where solved and it was obvious that lifes would fall into hilderbranx.

Claire and Lock had this wicked affair for afair a year, then it’s over in a matter of seconds as Claire says, “I need you to let me go,” and they both go back to their respective lives and their spouses never know any different.

You are committing an evil sin.

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