When TEMPO MODE is set to MANUAL, this field allows you to set the tempo. .. Owners of the Akai EWI wind synthesiser will find this function. Documents, presets, manuals Akai S – Audiofanzine. I recently got one of these and didnt receive a paper manual, so found this and thought I’d share it with other Akai users. Hope it helps someone.

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Akai S5000 / S6000

Pressing this will show this prompt: Page DAT or other stereo digital recorders which record at 0dB and playback at 0dB, the S records at 0dB but has to play many voices simultaneously the other recorders only need to play exactly what they recorded. You see its name and the folder it will be akxi to. Here, you may rename, copy, delete and create programs zkai well as perform other program related functions. Using Windows 95 On The Mac High values produce a long attack time several seconds.

In the above example, you would go straight to LFO2: You will see the following LCD screen as it boots up: However, because it is not possible for Mahual importing other formats to Akai S November 7, Reply. Unlike previous Akai samplers, these are set independently of each other.

If the multi already has or parts, you will be prompted accordingly. Akai Sampler Mailing List.

Akai S / S – Martincom

You will receive this prompt: This is normal and is not a fault with the S October 15, Reply. In this way especially with multis availablethe S can be used as a simple playback module for playing single sounds. You will see the program and its associated samples being loaded in turn. Please consult your dealer or AKAI professional distributor for details of compatible drives. Amplitude can change level and panning can move the sound around in the stereo image and, of course, you can add vibrato from LFO 1.


The S has a switch on the rear panel that allows you to switch termination on or off very conveniently. PEAK 2 A peak filter with a two peaks spaced two octaves apart.

Thank you so much for sharing the data and all the information.

Both models feature a large x LCD graphic display, with eight dedicated function keys running down both sides of the screen — placing 16 of the most commonly used programming functions at the user’s fingertips. You should take the appropriate action. Making A Recording This allows you to copy all four channels of effects to another multi.

Typically, this will be used to set the speed of the slow rotary speaker effect but it may be used as the fast rotary speaker effect if you wish. This is done using the SAVE key. Voice Architecture Whereas on a synthesiser, you have oscillators with preset waveforms or preset samples contained in Read Only Memory – ROM which you cannot change, the S allows you to record any sound you want which can be then used as a waveform in any of the four keygroup zones for an almost unlimited range of sounds.

I was able to find a set of only the Resonance increases the intensity of the peak and the depth of the notch. Here, you may tweak and edit the LFO 2 parameters. As a result, you could have a situation where you go to delete a particular folder that appears to be empty but which, in fact, contains non-Akai data.


Delay Effects Templates You may use the name automatically generated by the copy process or you may enter your own. I also got a SCSI If the cursor is not on a valid modulation input for example, if the To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not. In the event of you trying to open or close an item on disk that is not a folder, you will receive the following prompt A name can consist of up to 20 characters.

Table of contents Table Of Contents Furthermore, RV3 and RV4 can take as their input source their own effects send or can be fed from the two multiFX channels.

AKAI S6000 Operator’s Manual

Output Mix multifx1 And 2 Only Parity or non-Parity can be used. Try find someone with old system. Akaimanualsampler.

Filter – Extensive filtering functions offer 26 types of resonant 4-pole and 2- pole lowpass, bandpass and highpass filters and many more. You should set a threshold level at which to find the start or end point.

This test is mostly for service engineers for diagnostic purposes but you may find it useful to check how much memory is in your S especially if you have just installed some SIMMs and want to check they are correctly seated and recognised by the system.

It has 64 voices of polyphony s hasmax mb of memory by using cheap 72pin simms.

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