Once, long ago, the peaceful people of Inoa served the gods by means idols. One day, Righteous King Snow decreed that all idol worship must cease, and all . This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Alundra for PlayStation. If you’ve discovered a cheat you’d like. Alundra 2 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. It is here where you will guide Flint through all kinds of traps, battles.

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Back in the dungeon, head back to the skeleton.

Walkthroughs for Alundra

Don’t have an account? You’ll be in another room with more panels and their corresponding stones. It is a lake located North of the village of Inoa. Now you are in a relatively big room with an out of reach chest in the middle of it.

Put the column over one panel and stand over the other with Alundra. After falling asleep you’ll have a guife with Lars and Melzas. This tiles will take you to an idle platform, when you get there do not leave the platform because it’ll move north a little, granting you access to a very small room with a sign in it.

The first thing you’ll come across is a stair case leading somewhere down. Once the cart has stopped feel free to walk back and gather the items the monster you just ran over with the cart might have dropped.

Alundra FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by PhamtonPain – GameFAQs

From the starting point go all the way north past that blue block. Get the key from the chest and use the chest guode a boost to get on top of the columns again so that you can return to the hole that you used to get here. You will notice that there are 4 panels on the floor spread around this room. After you’ve aundra this head east. Once you’re tired of talking to the passengers and the crew, head to your cabin, and make sure to stop by the room next door and talk to the two friendly sailors.


Replenish your health and magic if you need to then return to the dungeon. Hit the orb and return to the blue block. You’ll find yourself in a big room with a huge hole in the middle of it, there’s also a idle platform, and a block in from of a hole to your left. After they’ve gone, slundra them across the bridge.

At any rate, from the transporter walk a little to the south-west and akundra see a cart trapped by a round boulder.

The Adventures of Alundra — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

Boulianne for the tip. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. After that and some more talking, Lars will materialize a transporter and he’ll leave. This means that this Gilded Falcon may be obtained as soon as you are able to walk by the house, you don’t have to wait until Jess makes the Iron Flail.

The trick here is to hit the lamps in the correct order to open a door far to the east of here.

Use the wooden columns in the water to get to this lever and hit it. Go back to the deep pond to the north west of the mine entrance. The cart will destroy the boulder and it’ll take you to a new section of the mine. However, despite all the pain, suffering, and guilt that I might have experienced while working on this thing I exaggerated a littleevery time I get an email from somebody thanking me for helping them I feel so fullfilled that I forget all the bad things that resulted from writing the guide and I focus strongly on the very good things that came out it.


This time the 5 ghost will appear in front of a door and the door will open. Fortunately, a tribe of people were found to possess the ability to tread into the troubled subconscious of these souls.

Log In Sign Up. Alundra is a huge game, packed with excitement and adventure in a unique magical world. Get to the locked door and open it with the key you found a while ago. Use the recently acquired key to open this gate and then hit the lever. After you’ve vanquished these monters, some sparks will appear on the upper level. With bomb in hand you can go to places guise couldn’t before, so let us hunt down all those treasures only 6 new ones.

Well, overall Sara is not very hard at all. Use to alumdra to get there and examine Zane’s body he’s been dead for a while. Your next stop should be Wendell’s house in Inoa. As qlundra get near the patch you’ll be attacked by 4 sand worms.

You will eventually walk by a sign, turn north here and keep walking north until you eventually get to a chest containing an herb. After you’ve cleaned up the place, yuo’ll get to hear the funky music let’s call it, the Victory Sonata. This elevator will take you down alumdra the last section of this dungeon.

Normally at this point in the game you would head over to the Coastal Cave directly guids of Nava’s Cabin, but before that let us go into Exploring 6.

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