In dit tweede artikel verschaft Anton Heersema 4 cruciale tips over relatieproblemen oplossen. Dit is een vervolg op. Dorothea Heersema; Bert Kornips; Angelique Schyns-Soeterboek; Leo H. Visser; Paul Schiphof; Anton Valkenburg; Johan Hiel; FOCUS Extension Study Grp. (Halbhuibar, Anton Alfred1 ; Germany ; Motor. Mechanic ; 1’27 iCamberwell ‘ S.W 2nd November Heersema, Pieter Hendrifc ; (Netherlands ; Marine.

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J Appl Soc Psychol. Segal et al found a solid evidence for convergent and discriminant validity of the BDI-II in a sample of community-dwelling older and younger adults. Collaborative care management of late-life depression in the primary care setting: Memory complaint and impairment in the aged.

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Depression in later life is a significant and growing problem. Assessing social networks among elderly populations. Medical illness and the risk of suicide in the elderly. In normative sample internal consistency coefficient alpha estimates were found to be 0.

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Assessment in Geriatric Psychopharmacology. Test measures were found to underestimate the depletion syndrome, although they generally inflated the extent to which depression was found in older adults. Measuring depression in the elderly: Use of the general health questionnaire in clinical work.


Thus, as Radloff and Nezu et al concluded, appropriate cutoff of the CES-D for clinical screening is yet to be validated.

You can learn about our use of cookies by reading our Privacy Policy. Watson D, Clark LA. Measurement properties of the CESD scale among individuals with spinal cord injury. We first present an overview of the structure and the items of the instrument, including response format, norms and the scoring procedure, are described. Screening for depression in well older adults: The daily life of elderly Germans: Prevalence and characteristics of undiagnosed bipolar disorders in patients with a major depressive episode: A comparison of three brief depression measures in an acute psychiatric population: Use of a self-report symptom scale to detect depression in a community sample.

Scott J, Huskisson EC. The Psychology of Control and Aging. Another study examined the reliability of the GDS among younger adults age 17—55 years because younger samples sometimes serve as control groups in studies of geriatric depression. Depression in survivors of stroke: Relationship between depression, psychologic defense mechanisms and physical illness.

Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol. The prevalence of mental disorders in older people in Western countries — a meta-analysis. The use of depression self-report measures in older adults also varies with their clinical presentation. According to recent reviews and surveys, rates of major depression increase in adults over 80 years of age. Chokkanathan S, Mohanty J. A Handbook of Clinical Prediction Rules. Prevalence of bipolar II disorder in outpatient depression: Nonetheless, several methodological issues have to be considered.


Summing up, the use of depression self-report measures in older adults varies with their cognitive status. Anxiety and depression in later life: Advance report of final mortality statistics, It can usually be completed in 5—10 minutes.

However, a stable factor solution was not consistently found across studies and samples, as the nature of factors extracted in various studies changed.

Manual Psychological Corporation; Here, several heeraema issues related to assessment of depression have been examined in the Introduction.

The satisfaction with life scale. Self-report screening measures for depression in chronic pain patients. A Guide to Assessment and Intervention: The criterion validity of the Geriatric Depression Scale: Eur J Psychol Assess. Annu Rev Clin Psychol. Salzman C, Shader RI.

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