The Bundestag Elections and the Transformation of the German Party System ARD Deutschland-Trend. ARD/ZDF Online-Studie ; available at . Springer-Verlag: , ARD/ZDF. ARD/ZDF-Onlinestudie , Retrieved /04/30, from K. Asp, F. Badiee . CDU/CSU, FDP (): Wachstum, Bildung, Zusammenhalt. Koalitionsvertrag zwi- Ergebnisse der ARD/ZDF-Onlinestudie In: Media Perspektiven 7.

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Because of that, these offers might be more attractive. The hitherto very low incentive to use online CME is a further important barrier to the broad use in continuing medical education. Therefore, GPs in Onlinestidie seem to be — technologically and personally — ready for the use of online offers. Due to the exploratory character of the study, multiple testing based alpha error inflation was not corrected. Bibliographic type Conferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations.

Putting Your Best Face Forward: Instrument The applied standardized questionnaire contained 27 questions that were grouped into three main sections.

Re-collection seeks to generate insights into two underdeveloped threads of collective memory research: Die Daten wurden deskriptiv-statistisch und regressionsanalytisch ausgewertet. This article investigates this dilemma.

This study of the Lebanon War press coverage in Canada and Israel aims at contributing to the empirical dimension. From Cultural Enrichment to Knowledge Society.

Measures to implement and increase the use of online CME can be aimed at different levels. The results suggest that short term viewing effects are best explained with social identity theory. In Junethe questionnaire was posted to the GPs with a request to complete it and send it back to the research center.

Self-assessment of Internet skills by GPs was also onljnestudie to be quite good. With in-person training session one cannot gain more credits per learning-unit either, but these continuing education offers often take several hours, so that one can gain more credits all in all. For the younger children, understanding the persuasive intent even increased the impact of advertising.


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Published online Aug The Case of Swedish Press Subsidies. Being valued for its simplicity a great number of companies use a measurement of customer satisfaction called the Net Promotor Score NPSwhich consists of zdt question asking for users’ intention to recommend a website e. Based on this, the platform http: There is an increasing trend for developing e-learning modules for general medical training and continuing education CME.

In using them the young people adopt commercial strategies for presentation of the self. Psychological Predictors of Media Involvement: Although the data onlinetsudie the non-responders in the telephone interview were comparable to the data of the responders, we cannot exclude a specific motivational bias.

It offers good possibilities for illustration, e. Can Inoculation Withstand Multiple Attacks?: The responding GPs perceived especially the assessment of the quality of online CME offers as a great problem, not knowing which criteria could be consulted to distinguish offers of high quality from such of low quality.

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There was no evidence that GSS decreased sunburning or attitudes and self-efficacy beliefs regarding sun safety. In some studies, it even showed itself to be more efficient than traditional forms of learning [ 5 ], [ 6 ].

Four GPs stated that they could not see any sense in the survey, three GPs judged the instrument as ad too lengthy, and two claimed that there was no incentive on,inestudie answer the questionnaire.

The content of an additional attack the same as the first attack or different did not affect the capacity of inoculation refutational messages to confer resistance to competitive attacks.

The two latter constructs seem to be important rather for building an overall impression. This raises the threshold for free development of individual creativity in the production of digital self presentations on the commercial website.


General practitioners and online continuing medical education – which factors influence its use?

In this study, we aimed to investigate the attitude towards and use of onlinestudis Internet and online CME in German general practitioners GPs and to identify potential starting points to increase the use of online CME. Navigating these challenges required a change of strategy: Recht am Bild 20009 eigenen Sache?: The Middle East in American Media: Besides the overall impression of a website, the intention to revisit or recommend a website was assessed.

This article tries to apply this concept to the audience of domestic fiction in Flanders, in particular ethnic minority viewers. The Internet offers many useful resources for physicians [ 18 ], but is still underused. Users spent two hours more on the Internet per week than non-users, and had onlinesutdie using the Internet for one year longer.

General practitioners and online continuing medical education – which factors influence its use?

In xdf article we report findings from the North American GSS campaign for guests at ski areas that comprosed the original control-group resorts, replicating the results of the original guest intervention. Representativeness of the sample for the reference population can be assumed regarding gender and qualifications, but other factors e. The positive feature of the arx is that it offers starting points to increase and implement the use of online CME, which is an effective method for continuing education with many advantages.

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