Owner’s Manuals. Below, you may find manuals for your Beretta firearm in an electronic format. You may also order a hard copy if desired. Owner’s Manuals. Unofficial Beretta Site: really neat site, complete with the history of the model 92 series, old ‘owner’s manual, exploded views, 70 (Thanks to Ed Ruesing, he gave me the opportunity to post the manual) KB, English AL ( KB). The illustrations and instructions in this article are based on the Beretta Urika , but they are also valid for the other versions of the

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The design of the fiber-glass reinforced technopolymer receiver – stock spacer and of the stock metal plate allows one to adjust the stock drop and cast by simply modi- fying their assembly position.

Note that the hammer braces are not alike – they are a mirror-image pair, left and right. Always keep your fingers away from the trigger and keep the trigger free from any contact when you do not intend to fire.

U r i k a – Beretta AL Urika – Bev Fitchett’s Guns Magazine

Do not apply excessive force when using the supplied spanners. I understand their point, but I have a higher regard for your intelligence than Beretta does.

The AL Urika is supplied with a modern design case and a complement of ac- cessories: It is possible to increase the magazine capacity from two to three rounds in the coun- tries where it is allowed. The magazine tube cap Part 45, including the shaft that the piston and forend nut fit on screws into the end of the magazine tube part If they are not kept clean and lubricated, they will rust and freeze onto the magazine tube cap. Stock drop and cast modification must be carried out by a compe- tent gunsmith.

  DA FORM 2028-2 PDF

Never look into the muzzle or change tubes on a loaded gun even with safety engaged. In particular, it must be remembered thatthe breech bolt, when held OPEN by the cut-off, can be closed only by operating the cut-off lever.

A shooter must always wear impact resistant shooting glasses when firing any firearm.

Carefully dry the flange with a soft cloth. The safety plunger spring, when mounted, is in a compressed con- dition.

All ‘s sold in the US as far as I know come with a plug installed to limit shell capacity to 1 in the chamber and 2 in the magazine, with a longer plug in the box to limit capacity to 1 and 1. Never point a firearm at something that is not safe to shoot. la391

AL Urika / Teknys Instruction Manual

That is one of the reasons you should make sure the gun is cocked and put the safety on before you start to remove either the bolt or the trigger group. Some people say they never have to clean the ports, but I had trouble when I didn’t, so it is just something you have to learn from experience.

Never rely solely on a safety manua to prevent an accident.

Shooting at the surface of water or at a rock or oth- er hard surface increases the chance sl391 ricochets or fragmentation of the bullet or shot, which can result in the projectile striking an unintended or peripheral target. If not, you’ve got trouble, and you should have cleaned it long ago!


Clean and lightly lubricate the tube. It might help to turn the bolt a little bit clockwise as seen from the front as it goes in. The spring will probably be dirty and greasy. Be certain that each round you use is in the proper caliber or befetta and type for the particular firearm.

Beretta – Unofficial Beretta Site

Screw on the recoil pad. Sat Jun 16, Once the bolt is in, stick the cocking handle back in. In case you hear an unusual noise when shooting, stop firing immediately, ingage the manual safety and unload the firearm. Feeding from magazine is blocked. It is held in place uika a spring clip magazine reducer plug retaining washer, part I thought the valve shaft long part was to be on the bottom side away from the berehta it looks that way in the picture in my owners manual which way should it be??? Mon Dec 31, 5: Cock the hammer after you get the spring installed to put spring pressure on the trigger pin to keep it from falling back out.

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