Welcome to the issue of the BMFA Member’s Handbook. The BMFA is constantly reviewing it’s advice to model flyers and it regularly advises the Civil. The BMFA is the body delegated by the Royal Aero Club to be responsible for all aspects of model flying in Great Britain. The BMFA has around clubs affiliated to it, with a combined membership from clubs and View Members Handbook. This website issue of the BMFA Member’s Handbook is the latest version of the Handbook, complete with all additions and.

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In these circumstances it might be appropriate to offer one or two coaching flights and then a repeat of the test. Height and Speed The ‘A’ certificate candidate should be a reasonably confident pilot, even though they may only have been flying for a few months. We have a field rep to handle matters on behalf of us all.

Details of the three tests can be found on the BMFA website or by clicking the link below. The level of subscriptions will be.

For instance, if the candidate has done a good flying test and answers the first five questions with confidence then you need go no further. If the test is being taken with an electric powered model then the candidate should show that they are familiar with the safe handling of such models.

If a synthesised transmitter is in use it is vulnerable to interference from mobile phones, with even more serious consequences, so keep them Switched off when a jet is being flown. Always park your model in the designated pits area with all other models. Let others know when you are clear of the strip.

Test Your Knowledge on the On-Line BMFA Achievement Scheme Practice Questions

The candidate must be fully familiar with the system fitted to the model and should brief you on the system and demonstrate it working at some time during the pre-flight checks. If there is any wind at all then they may be in trouble if they plan more than one. Pilots flying electric powered models are able to stop and start their motor at will and they have the ability to re-start their motor and climb away from a baulked motor-off landing if necessary.

In this case you should certainly offer them another test flight but make sure that they have had enough time to sort out what the problem was.

Make use of the paths and gaps between plants to avoid trampling. If the recommendation is a formal letter of warning, the Chairman or bmfaa usually the Secretarywill prepare such a letter that will be mailed or personally presented to the person accused of the infraction. Helicopter pilots using the same flying area should bmta allowed time to operate without other fixed wing models being in the air at the same time.


This, possibly along with a little coaching, is far more useful to everyone than simply telling the candidate that they have failed. A pilot who flies at take-off power throughout the whole flight should not hwndbook they are not thinking.

These consequences could be in the form of a reduced payout from liability insurance or more seriously in the event of an injury or death, damages or Court Action. A neat ground layout makes a good impression but bear in mind that many ‘A’ certificate candidates will not have been flying for too long and you should be prepared to make allowances.

Pay hahdbook attention to the way the candidate uses the local frequency control system and make bmga that they understand it and use the correct sequence of ‘get the peg, Tx on, Rx on’.

The Chairman will monitor the situation, directly or indirectly, for signs of grooming or other unacceptable behaviour. Subscriptions will be reviewed annually after the appointment of the new Committee at an AGM. The test should be flown at a height of between and feet that is roughly three to five houses high ; any higher could be a sign of lack of confidence. Application for new membership will be reviewed by the Club Committee, and an answer will be returned within 30 days.

Any comments or questions should e-mailed to webmaster brighousemac. If the answer is YES, then the most important aid you can have in learning to fly is an instructor.

However, the ’30 metre handdbook does give you a useful starting point and one which you may feel comfortable with. The type of circuit is not stated so either handhook, rectangular or circular is acceptable.

These are bmffa out clearly in the handbook but you should watch particularly that the Rx off, Tx off, frequency system cleared sequence is followed correctly. This list is not exhaustive and all club members should refer to the BMFA handbook for further information:. Any reasons offered by the candidate for an unscheduled overshoot cannot include not being lined up correctly or anything similar.

Process If the Committee deems the incident to be of sufficient importance, or it is a repeated offence they may appoint an ad hoc Investigating Committee comprising the club Chairman, the relevant Field Rep and the Secretary for constitutional advice and documentation purposes. You, of course, should be watching any extra circuits just as carefully as the rest of the flight as they can tell you a lot about the competence of the flyer.


Care and vigilance must be exercised by all pilots and especially FPV operators due to the possible conflict with full size aviation, particularly aircraft using Wycombe Air Park, bmmfa aerodrome close to the Flackwell strip.

Bmmfa two buttons below summarise the maneuvers that need to be completed during the tests. They should be capable of taking their bmca off the model for a second or so in safety.

Lone flying is not recommended. The pilot may stand where he chooses but if he stands handbok on the strip behind the model when it starts its run he should inform other pilots flying that he is going out onto the active area. If you see obvious signs that the model is out of trim and the candidate does not make any attempt to rectify the matter you should seriously question their basic competence.

Another possibility that may occur during a test is an engine failure part way through other than during the intermediate power-on landing.

BMFA Members Handbook

The link below will take you to the version. Section 2 – Rules for safe flying at the Club’s sites. Be aware that many electric models will have propellers that sometimes ‘windmill’ on the glide. All model flyers should give jet-flyers additional room to manoeuvre and avoid distracting them during start up and flight. If the candidate fails the first of these you must consider their performance in deciding what to do next.

Members are required to comply with the Air Navigation Order, whose legal provisions are summarized in the. Free construction and maintenance advice and guidance. Temporary suspension or permanent expulsion from the Club. In the event of expulsion the Chairman will prepare a letter stating the action which will be sent by post to the expelled person. A candidate who has done a test which you found only just acceptable and who hesitates on the questions should be asked a few more than five and if you are not satisfied that they have actually read the safety codes, you should not hesitate to fail them.

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