; Unique zeolitic medium for selective removal of dissolved organic compounds through ionic and molecular adsorption, as well as passive uptake via the. I noticed that their newest product NeoZeo (zeolite media) is not herein by titling this document “The Brightwell Aquatics NeoZeo. Registered Member. bassking16’s Avatar. Join Date: Nov Location: Texas. Posts: Question Brightwell NeoZeo. Anybody have any.

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The slow introduction of the neozeo media may not be entirely necessary on my system as I have been using Prodibio on my reef for about 6 months driving towards an ULNS. Find More Posts by billsreef.

I notice a lot more skimmate being produced – at least double. Use of this web site is subject to the terms and conditions described in the user agreement. A percentage of the microbes form biofilms on inanimate objects often appearing as a brownish film on the panes of the aquariumwhich can be brushed off and captured by aquarium inhabitants and skimmer intakes, again exporting nutrients from the system; we will return to the topic of biofilm shortly.

I stole their tank area for the Christmas tree and planned to drill their tank and put a skimmer on the system so they have just been in a bare-bottom 10 gallon tank with a small powerhead, and a couple pieces of live rock that barely fit in the tank. I don’t have a major issue with phosphates and nitrates, but they are presistant enough to grow a little bit of hair algae, and this brown junk on my sand.

I decided to go full tilt neoZeo. Some enthusiasts familiar with zeolite filtration may scoff, but our preferred method for housing this media is simply to place it inside a large-capacity canister filter that either has some pre-existing means of flow-rate adjustment or can be retrofitted with a ball valve on the filter discharge which practically any filter that utilizes flexible tubing will accommodate.

Weeks 1 and 2: As one might expect, this is an issue that is primarily encountered in aquaria that have been established for many years; in contrast, aquaria that utilize zeolite filtration from the onset are far less-likely to exhibit this sort of ammonium-related issue. Originally posted by billsreef That is quite a leap of faith and a very unscientific supposition.


Weeks 3 and 4: I have not finished reading it all yet but it seems to be very informative. The rate of nutrient-uptake that this system achieves often exceeds the rate of nutrient-addition, particularly in aquatic systems that are rarely-fed.

Because of the sheer size of our forum, we’ve been forced to limit selling and trading to members who’ve met a couple of criteria. Far too many tanks according to my wife, LOL. That’s just what I’ve noticed on my two reefs, as with anything else reef you may find different results.

Nobody has used this? For example, dose once every 2 weeks as manufacturer suggests for 5 or 6 doses 10 or 12 weeksthen take a week break, then brighfwell again. Originally posted by just dave I sent it to everyone that asked ,and that sent an e-mail address ,except the Redskins fan.

Brightwell Aquatics – NeoZeo

Glad to hear that the Prodibio seems to work for you as I’m going to be going full on with that in the new tank Weeks 3 and 4: I’m not going to follow the instruction to a tee mainly because I’m going to use what I have on hand.

Near Cleveland, OH Posts: NeoZeo media came in a box and I divided the media into 5 zipbags of about the same weight volume for the 5 week slow introduction of media.

I think their products are very good. The colonies that were darkening up a bit seem to still be darkening a bit more. Here are their instructions very different dosing schedule for the MB7 and BF than on the label! Will try to get one done tonight.

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Additionally, no amount of tinkering with methods of filtration or nutrient supplementation will provide the desired results if the remaining water parameters and physical conditions are not within the proper ranges; it is presumed that temperature, pH, alkalinity, and the concentrations of magnesium, calcium, potassium, strontium, and important minor and trace elements in an aquarium are properly maintained, and that lighting and water flow are adjusted to address the needs of the aquarium inhabitants, in any system in which the NeoZeo or similar method is employed.


At month 26 I stopped working out of province and started looking after the tank myself again, at this point the tank was so dirty there was cyano covering most of the sand.

When I have to turn the zeolite media up to gph I won’t be able to run the GFO that fast or it will blow away, so I will have to figure something out. Biological Nutrient Limitation Microbes and Organic Carbon The role that microbes play in a zeolite filtration method is extremely important: I know it ndozeo diatoms or cyano Anyway, has anyone tried Brightwell’s NeoZeo system without vodka and had good results.

This hrightwell will be fed upon by various aquarium inhabitants and is also removed via protein skimming and mechanical filtration. Three weeks ago I am still fighting cyano so I dosed ChemiClean again.

You then set the flow at about gph for normal operation. Brightwsll measured approximately 1. Potassium seems to be the main catalyst for colors in terms of inorganic supplementation.

Neo Zeo from Brightwell Aquatics Zeolite media

The process may be thought of as nutrient recycling and export, and in that regard it provides some of the same benefits that a refugium housing macroalgae provides; the main difference is that the nutrients assimilated into microbial biomass are at least partially available to corals, which is not the case when it comes to nutrients assimilated into macroalgae tissue. March 27th, nothing to report. Day 5 shows noticeable lightening of SPS corals. Find More Posts by Raoul5Duke.

Brightwell Aquatics NeoZeo Method Experiment [Archive] – Canreef Aquatics Bulletin Board

This is recommended in the manual or you can also use a traditional zeo reactor. I also like the idea of using a canister filter instead of a hand pump reactor.

Find More Posts by just dave. Second week of May I dosed Prodibio BioDigest and Bioptim which I have had great success in the past brigutwell color improvement doesn’t seem to do anything for cyano or algae.

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