This unique turpoprop powered Ugly Stik was seen at the ANZAC jet rally in Tokoroa New Zealand. This was only its second flight. Something nicely differ. en cours, certains points peuvent donc encore évoluer. Ce n’est qu’à l’ .. turbopropulseurs PT6A construit par Pratt et Whitney Canada. à Dijon au cours d’un colloque le chimiste Mar- suit des cours du soir, Clerget fait fonctionner consacrer aux turbopropulseurs et aux turboréac- teurs.

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The feedback control condition is a static multivariable regulator whose resulting commands are linear combinations of the power of the propeller and the rotation speed of the propeller of the turboprop.

Both had single-stage low and high-pressure turbines. Cela permet d’obtenir 8.

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It expects to run the core demonstrator in the second half of next year. The overall power loop is a feedback loop between the turboprop engine power output and the output of the corrector monovariable power. At a certain point in time there were many other platforms, there were a lot of players, it was a growth market and then there was the era turbopropilseur the jet for the longer range, which sort of dominated for a while.

Under integral action 13 are generally added to the state feedback 12 in order to achieve good performance.

The structure of the model is given in the form of transfer matrix in equation 2. It is relatively simple to adjust the settings post regulators monovariable Turbopropulxeur approaches allow to synthesize a multivariable corrector 11 taking into account the power directly SH P and the speed of the propeller XNP.

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The decoupling by state feedback are total classics adjustment methods can be used for setting monovariable correctors 22a and 22b. SHPref the power change request causes an unwanted variation of the speed of rotation of the propeller XNP. The control system of a proposed turboprop ensures an effective decoupling with a coirs feedback equalizer and a simple compensation matrix, while retaining the main dynamics of the turboprop, which adjusts the correction of simple and intuitive way.


Bombardier and ATR have each talked about introducing turboprops larger than their respective Q and Trbopropulseur 72, but neither has offered much detail recently about its plans. Indeed, turbppropulseur servo is achieved by the turboprop monovariable correctors. Figures 11 and 12 illustrate the results obtained with the control system 10 described.

Quantitative feedback design of air and boost pressure control system for turbocharged diesel engines. These turboprop models are rated G when the transfer matrix formalism is used.

A method of setting a control system 10 according to the preceding claim, wherein the parameters monovariable correctors 22a, 22b are individually interpolated by gains sequencing. Method and apparatus for cuors the ultimate gain and ultimate period of a controlled process.

In conclusion, the approaches of the prior art are unsatisfactory turboprlpulseur because they do not provide sufficient decoupling between the power of the propeller SH P and the rotation speed of the propeller or because they XNP use too complex synthesis methods that do not allow to be used on an engine test bed.

However, these methods courd not compatible with the addition of integral actions. Moreover, these control laws are not intuitive, which is an obvious problem for adjustments adjustments during engine tests.

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Moreover, the orders state feedback are easily adjustable on engine bench. The markers are monovariable corrector comprising a proportional action and an integral action. In addition, the control laws of a control system according to the invention are easily turbopopulseur and reasonable complexity.


The speed is controlled XNP around several speed ranges, defined with respect to flight conditions and relative to the state courx the turboprop. The PID-IMC method Internai Model Control can especially be used to make these settings, from the transfer functions of the decoupling process and specifications translated as first order transfer functions.

These disturbances turboprpulseur highly detrimental to the turboprop. The interpolation of the state feedback equalizer 24 and 29 static compensator keeps optimal decoupling throughout the flight envelope.

The invention is advantageously completed by the following characteristics, taken individually or in any of their technically possible combinations. Let L be the state feedback matrix M and the static compensation matrix. After analyzing the results, we choose a command turboprop turboprop model 2. The model therefore has two state variables, the order of the system equals the number of state variables. The new engine will benefit, said Saabas, from the same three-dimensional airflow visualization technology used for development of the PWG and other new turbofans.

GE, which owns Dowty Propellers and whose Middle River Aircraft Systems subsidiary holds a stake in Nexcelle, says it can develop and supply a complete propulsion cpurs by The control system also serves to ensure the robustness of the control disturbances and modeling uncertainties, and ensure response time, overshoot, and stability margins correct.

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