Dimitrijevic, Colonel Dragutin, (a.k.a. Apis)() Chief of the Intelligence Department in the Serbian General Staff. Founding member and charismatic. A founder member and leader of the Serbian Black Hand secret society, Dragutin Dimitrijevic (), also known as ‘Apis’ (assigned to him as a youth on. Dragutin Dimitrijević known as Apis was a Serbian colonel. He was a leading member of a military group that organized the overthrow of the Serbian.

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Austria decided to crack down on Serbia’s ambitions, Russia joined with Serbia, Germany allied with Austria, and so on. This page was last edited on 12 Novemberat Yale University Press, Within a few weeks one of the deadliest and most destructive dimutrijevic in history had begun.

Another example was Slobodan Milosevic, the ruthless nationalistic leader who destroyed federal Yugoslavia and started a war to create Greater Serbia, causing the death of people in Bosnia, in Croatia.

Maybe you’ll learn something He hit the archduke with one, and the archduke’s wife with the other.

This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. Although Serbia was already an independent country, many Serbs in Bosnia and HerzegovinaCroatia and Vojvodina were still under Austro-Hungarian rule.

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Dragutin Dimitrijević

That is my definition of evil. A series of incursions into Austrian territory were orchestrated by Apis alongside several political murders but Austria still refused to react. You use Wikipedia as a source and then draw a conclusion that this guy was the most evil man in history?

The first let the archduke’s car pass without doing anything. Something of a professional terrorist, many of his intrigues never came to fruition including an attempt in upon the life of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor, Franz Josefalthough his high profile successes with Alexander and Ferdinand ensured him of a certain fame.


On 11 Junethe alis stormed the royal palace and killed both King Alexander and his wife Queen Draga. An officer who has sworn to obey his King, then betrays his King, kills him and his wife and he’s still considered to be great patriot?

He therefore gave instructions dimittrijevic the three young would-be-assassins to be arrested when they attempted to leave the country. By virtue of the nature of his work, the Secretary may act as a Deputy President. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. The first world war began with the european powers blindly stumbling towards disaster as a chain of unforeseeable events progressed.

Take care and do not judge to any nation not knowing their history and legacy. In order that he may devote himself entirely to the work of the organization, the Secretary’s salary and expenses shall be provided by the Supreme Central Directorate. Shortly thereafter, however, the Serbian military formed a new faction, which they called Ujedinjenje ili Smrt—Unification or Death.

For example, claims that Apis organised the assassination in order to liberate the Serbs from Austro-Hungarian rule, were only cheap excuse, because the Serbs were the minority of population in Croatia and Bosnia. The killing was particularly brutal. Everyone knew these were dangerous times that they lived in, in response, everyone was maneuvering to create alliances, not to start a war, but to force their opponents to consider the scale of the carnage which would follow, so that no one sought to unleash the “dogs of war” because, in light of the horrendous slaughter of the American Civil War, no one knew for sure what the outcome would be.

In fact, in the country that came to be known as Yugoslavia, White Hand was an official part of the government. For the purpose of realizing the national ideals—the Unification dimirtijevic Serbdom—an organization is hereby created, whose members may be any Serbian irrespective of sex, religion, place or birth, as well as anybody else who will sincerely serve this idea.


In exceptional and less important cases the President and the Secretary shall make the decisions and secure their execution. His wife learned toward him and asked what was the matter, dragutjn sank in her seat; she had been wounded in the abdomen.

Captain Dragutin-Dimitrijevic Apis Stock Photo: – Alamy

Dear Steven, go back and read history again. ThessalonikiKingdom of Greece.

When Austria gave their ultimatum, they too were unaware. The Secret Serbian Terrorist Society. Petersburg, surfaces in some accounts.

Education Serbian Military Academy Serbia. In dimitrijegic projects Wikimedia Commons. Contact our editors with your feedback. I can remember seeing a cartoon from the ‘s, which showed Europe as powder keg, with the Balkans as a lit fuse. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.

Black Hand’s role in starting World War I was not recognized for many years; there is little doubt, however, that its act of terror pushed Europe into war. The park wasn’t in the best of shape, some areas had grass nearly as tall as I was.

I’m convinced that he knew exactly what he was doing and he knew exactly what the consequences were. Tekst koji je napisan je toliko konfuzan,nabijen dimltrijevic istorijskim faktima da na kraju ne znamo drahutin je istina a sta imaginacija! Clinton was a coward. Black Hand was comprised of military officers from Serbia, a country in the complex, mountainous area of southeast Europe known as the Balkans.

The organization gives priority to the revolutionary struggle rather than relies on cultural striving, therefore its institution is an absolutely secret one for wider circles.

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