User manual for the device Dual XDVDN Online user manual database. INSTALLATION/OWNER’S MANUAL. DVD Multimedia Receiver with Internal GPS Navigation. and 7” Touch Screen Display. XDVDN The DVD video. FREE 2-day Shipping: Dual’s XDVDN DVD receiver incorporates navigation and Bluetooth into a supremely capable entertainment center for your.

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Refer to page 19 for more details. Use the Direct Select method to play a desired track. The Brightness dial not be adjusted in Bluetooth mode.

Dual CD Player XDVDN User Guide |

A video signal must be present for adjusting the CVBS screen controls. LL54Step 4Touch the setting for your region. Power Press once to turn nanual unit on, press again to turn unit off. Touch and hold for continuous tuning up. After a category is selected, the unit will return to the main Point of Interest menu.

Page 79 Navigating by Point of Interest is often helpful when traveling to a public place or looking for a type of mankal, such as a gas station or restaurant. In-dash DVD video functions will only operate when vehicle is in Park and the.

The TFT screen will turn off black outhowever all other operations continue to operate. When powering on the unit, there is a second delaybefore the navigation mode can be selected.


This function can also be performed by pressing the corresponding manua on the front panel or remote control.

It is NOT necessary for normal operation. Once in Group Select Mode select one of the group types from the menu, then select an item in that group. Pink NoisePress to activate pink noise generator for the desired channel.

The indicates the option is turned xdvn8190. Press to display the previous page. Continued operation of the Page Up and Page Down buttons will display thenext and previous pages, respectively once the songs in the current page have allbeen displayed.

Expanded wiring diagram – inputs/outputs, Xdvdn8190 installation – Dual XDVDN8190 User Manual

The Bluetooth function must be turned on for theBluetooth icon to appear at the top of the screen. Track Duzl the front panel: Thehead unit will display “Wait Pairing. Stop From the remote control: Control Locations – Monitor Closed.

Dvd multimedia receiver with 6. When playing a disc recorded with regular audio files CD-DA or.

During hands free operation, some noise may be heard when using a mobile device with this head unit, depending on the mobile device and or the communication environment. When playing a disc mqnual with regular audio files CD-DA or.


Each subsequent press of the button will change the speed fromnormal to xvddn8190 to 4x to 8x to 20x and back to 1x. For the casual user, it isrecommended to only adjust the general sound quality by using the AudioSetup Menu, which is accessed by pressing the SEL button on the remote ormomentarily pressing the left side rotary.

Tell us what’s missing. Theicon will beicon is sual while Shuffle Mode is active. Touch Each touch changes speed from 2x to 4x to 8x to 20x then to 1x play. T icon to activate Sub-Title mode and select a sub-title language.


Page 75 During hands free operation, some noise may be heard when using a mobile device with this head unit, depending on the mobile device and or the communication environment. Select the desired option, then Start Route. Do not install the GPS antenna inside the vehicle – as this will reduce reception significantly. This product is only for use in vehicles with 12VDC negative ground only.

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