Intertherm CSA is a novel high performance coating that is applied using standard application equipment and cures effectively at ambient temperatures. Product Name: Intertherm CSA Grey Aluminium Part A Product Code: HTA Language: English Regulation: GHS/CLP Manufacturer: International Paints. Product Name: Intertherm CSA ALUMINIUM PART A. Product Code: HTA Language: English. Regulation: GHS/CLP. Manufacturer: International Paint.

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Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden.

Once I had them trained they loved it interrtherm wanted to TSA everything and stop doing the three coat paint systems they were applying. We hydroform a Aluminum rail and buff and bright dip anodize it.

They’re saying that CSA bridges the gap between thermally sprayed aluminimum which I think is becoming the best practice leader for CUI mitigation and high temperature resistant under insulation coatings. The “International” rep presented the CSA as a novelty in this country and just as you said, it failed to mention that the process is a paint application and has nothing in common with the thermal spray of aluminium, particularly in CUI applications.

That’s why they push me to train more and more applicators, so they can bid against inrertherm other and intertherk some realistic prices. Back to Search Results. The costs depend on a lot of factors, similar to paint systems. Surfaces received Sa 2.

Aluminimum is anodic to carbon steel, but if the aluminimum has a stable and encompassing oxidised layer, it’s not really lntertherm itself to the more noble substrate in the classic galvanic sense. Subscribe to Our E-Newsletter.


Fight effects of high heat, CUI with Intertherm® 751CSA

This is very hard to do, as the coatings are very tough and not much happens under the insulation. Click Here to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members! If I can help you in any way please let me know. About Careers Team Contact Us. The unique Titanium Modified Inorganic Copolymer TMIC -based system delivers a cost-effective solution for achieving superior corrosion protection in plant environments with continuous or cyclical high-heat temperatures of up to F, without the application difficulties intedtherm limitations of traditional anti-corrosion and TSA products.

Bloody interesting post there Thermalsprayer. Interthane – Polyurethane. Cold spray Aluminium CSA isn’t paint. High pressure and flammable gasses — As in gas welding, care must be taken when using bottled gasses. Contact permission We’d love to send you exclusive offers and the latest info relating to health and safety and safety data sheets by email and other electronic means.

Cold Spray Aluminimum – experiences? Answer to CUI? – Paint/coatings engineering – Eng-Tips

Enquiry Please enter Name. Resources Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise software 71csa. Includes information on toxicity of the chemical. Complete a full risk assessment for your workplace so that you can map out all the hazards into a single comprehensive COSHH assessment. Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting.

Plant safety people that were extremely concerned about dust explosions have completely changed their minds once they saw interyherm flame spray process in action.

Yes please, I’d like to hear about offers and services. In an operating plant, we only use the flame spray process, and never arc spray. ThermalSprayer’s post is 751vsa an eye opener and I wonder if you will consider it for your plant CUI protection.

  BS EN ISO 13918 PDF

Ideally suited for use in the chemical process, offshore productions, petrochemical and power industries, especially refineries and process units, pipe work, chimneys, vessels, flare stacks, exhausts, furnaces, exteriors of reactors, power plants, vents and other structures.

I also point out to them that the dust from blasting is much greater than the dust from flame spray. Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. December 1, 6: So it kntertherm a rather unique coating situation. The only place these thermal spray “mobs” are turning up seems to be where I am training them! This reduces many of the safety risks, so I will only discuss risk reduction in respect 751sca flame spray.

Intertherm 751CSA

Shell in Singapore has already started doing offline equipment here with TSA and they too will start doing online equipment. For more information about Intertherm CSA, intrrtherm www.

By joining you are opting jntertherm to receive e-mail. Are you an Engineering professional? I like aluminum pigmented silicone as a sealer. If you do get through the TSA, the aluminum anode tends to passivate the steel in the cut and slow or stop the corrosion cell.

I presume you’ve posted in other forums – hope you find an answer to the inherent issues there. It does look ugly though and people complain that this “wonder coating is rusting already” when they see it!

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