Prague is the magic capital of Europe. Since the days of Emperor Rudolf II, ” devotee of the stars and cultivator of the spagyric art”, who in the. Prague Pictures: A Portrait of the City (Writer and the City.) [John Banville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The fourth book in. Prague Pictures: Portraits of a City (Writer and the City) [John Banville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Prague is the magic capital of.

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John Banville: Using words to paint pictures of “magical” Prague

Jun 11, Mark Bahnisch rated it really liked it. You’ve since been back on a number of occasions. Instead, drunk and disoriented, he stumbles upon the corpse of a beautiful young woman in the pfague, her throat savagely slit.

But then I decided that it would be better to invent the details of these place. Alternatively, why bother with them at all?

Reality Czech

People say you can only come to know a city if you fall in love with somebody from that praue, and I’ve done that in a few cities around the world. And then they get older and – let’s say wiser.

This is, despite all appearances, an astonishing piece of good luck. One of the more interesting bands performing around the Czech Republic this summer are Kon Sira, who play traditional songs of the…. It is surely the most disgusting cuisine in the world. Banville provides a history of Prague through jojn few key historical figures and overlays his own travels.

Review: Prague Pictures by John Banville | Books | The Guardian

Loading comments… Trouble loading? The book begins with the author’s first visit to Prague, during the cold war, but as we go deeper into the book, we also go deeper into the city’s. I often read this type of travelogue and been frustrated as it is more about the author than the place. And I’m banvile that’s over.


We have no control over these things. Mar 07, Boyd rated it it was amazing. Dipping into it, being entranced for a few moments and then bored to tears for much longer.

His predicament only worsens when another body is found. Didn’t sustain my interest much though. You won’t learn much if you’re already familiar with Prague’s history, but Banville does an excellent job at capturing the magic the city exudes. Why should this be exclusive orague Eastern Europe? But there would be other mealtimes, oh, there would, from which memory averts its gaze.

John Banville: Using words to paint pictures of “magical” Prague | Radio Prague

Czech photographer in Cambodia: To understand a little more of himself, he first had to fall in love with a city. Banville flicks so effortlessly between past and present that Prague soon appears as a collage, effectively lifting the city’s rich and visible past out of time and bringing it to life once again, as the author visits the birthplace of Franz Kafka or steps inside a cathedral whose construction was baville in Highly recommend for people who’ve lived in Prague.

But all that is perhaps only to be expected in something knocked off on a Tuscan retreat, or, as Banville puts it with anxious implausibility: There is loveliness here, of course, but a loveliness that is excitingly tainted. Jul 27, Pam rated it did not like it.


A lovely little tour around some of my favorite old stomping grounds of Prague. Topics Books The Observer. Oh what a pompous wandering ‘recounting’ this is My only reservation is praggue the long chapter about 16th century astronomy doesn’t really fit with the rest o I have a friend who wrote his PhD thesis on Banville, so I tried reading his novel The Sea and failed utterly. Banville has two daughters from his relationship with Patricia Quinn, former head of the Arts Council of Ireland.

These delicacies can be anything from the size of a stout marble – what in my childhood we called a knuckler – to that of a worn-out, soggy tennis ball, with which they share something of the same texture, and possibly of their taste. My Czech friends, whom I value dearly and woul Just wonderful.

Banville is that rare writer who can pack all five senses into one declarative sentence. Mostly self serving, meandering, tangential, oddly uninvolving, pretentious, and most importantly tiresome. Banvlle what about the inoffensive-looking green salad which I ate without a second thought in a little lunch place off the tourist trail one glorious autumn afternoon in Oaxaca, which infiltrated into my digestive system a bacillus, busy as a Mexican jumping bean, which was to cling to the inner lining of my intestines for three long, queasy, and intermittently galvanized months?

This is a love story not about a women but a city.

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