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No good, no evil; no beauty, no ugliness. Retrieved from ” https: Oh god, I totally totally hated this boring, rambling, long-as-shit book. The story reflects the perspective of Nicholas Urfe, a young Oxford graduate and aspiring poet.

Also, the ending in the original infuriated some readers because of its ambiguity. He meets an enigmatic man who looks like Pablo Picasso, named Maurice Conchis. The time spent in Greece was of great importance to Fowles.

Filled with regret and longing and anger and despair. After fowlrs attending the University of Edinburgh, Fowles began compulsory military service in with training at Dartmoor, where he spent the next two years. I have rarely been so unpleasantly surprised – and bitterly disappointed – by the sudden turn that a novel takes as with the abrupt shift that occurs roughly mid-way through John Fowles The Magus.


I celebrate the notion of the latter, as long as the reader is gifted a damn good story. Descartes’s evil genius has nothing on Maurice Conchis. It is the self that must not be betrayed.

That reality was endless inter-action. This is David Cowles decades before he wrapped Isabella Rossellini in blue velvet, “White Rabbit” when Grace Slick was in pigtails, free love to a generation stripping off their bobby socks, “Schindler’s List” for young people who had vivid memories of World War II and their parents of the Great War. But that millions had not the rowles to be good. Did John Fowles even know what was going on?


You are too young to know this. To ask other readers questions about The Magusplease sign up. Unfortunately, the book then takes a complete left-turn, an increasingly silly shift into the psychoanalysis of the confused Nicholas, a vast and complex pantomime that goes from one climax to another, all pointing towards a ridiculous amount of time, money, and effort expended upon the most pedestrian after-school special of a goal.

However, I think that was due to the fact it was my first reading and the mystery was overwhelming. He moves to an island in beautiful Greece to teach at an Academy and becomes embroiled in one of modern lit’s most interesting psychodramas headed by a high priest of manipulation Conchis and his acolytes or actors or fellow therapists or clergy. Fowles said that he regretted not being so bold in the original. What is the connection between truth and beauty?

But that’s not entirely clear. Feb 06, Shovelmonkey1 rated it it was ok Recommends it for: This story takes place mainly in Greece, on the island of Phraxos, where English something misogynist Nicholas Urfe goes to escape his recent relationship with his Australian magiciaunl, Alison.

Cansada de los actores. It would validate all my cynicism, it would prove all my solitary selfishness; it would stand, and be remembered, as a final dark victory. The book ends indeterminately.



He was assaying not my powers of belief, but my powers magidianul unbelief. One gets one explanation – the Christian, the psychological, the scientific She found me very English, very fascinating.

Between and he wrote several novels but offered none to a publisher, considering them all incomplete in some way and too lengthy. That is easily enough gotten at Wikipedia or in other reviews. Perception and reality, the nature of time and memory, science vs. How tell what’s true? Is everyone else confused? His relationships are not just relationships, but explorations of the existentialist predicament. I want to admit that, although one could never call this book even remotely nice to women or homosexuals or black menit is-not excusable-but explainable by the era it was written in.

And then the inexplicable, the su Conspiracy Theorist Fantasy Oh, brother. View all 16 comments. At the center of The Magus is Nicholas Urfe, a young Englishman who accepts a teaching position on a remote Greek island, where he befriends a local millionaire.

There’s also a whole epistemological theme to the book. Here on Goodreads, rather than judging a book by its cover, it is always handier to judge a book based on what your friends and people fowlex are following had to say about it after it had passed under their beady eyes.

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