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The author explains why. Volgens Wilber bestaan er drie deelgebieden van kennis, elk met eigen methoden en technieken voor onderzoek en ontwikkeling: Does it account for an individual s moving, not toward integration as he defines it, but backwards towards more isolation and conservative thoughts, ideas, and behaviors?

Ken Wilber – Határok nélkül

Admittedly, his TOE could only be a philosophical metaphysical foundation rather than natural scientific one, but even in this context I was left with only glimmers of a truly compete theoretical structure.

Want to argue with Heisenberg and Plank and Einstein and Schroedinger and? I suspect that this book will cause me to contemplate the material more in depth over time. Jun 11, Elizabeth rated it liked it Shelves: Aug 17, Christopher Bennett rated it liked it Shelves: I wasn’t as annoyed by it the second time as I was the first time.

And he himself emphasizes this at the end of the book–that the main thing that anyone should walk away from Integral Theory with is a slightly deeper ability to think integrally not only about the world, but about one’s own life and personal growth.

A Theory of Everything: An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science & Spirituality

This book is valuable in that it gives the 50K foot flyover view of Wilbur’s ideas without having to delve into the myriads diagrams, charts, coined words and ever-growing linguistic world of Wilbur’s whole collection.


The Greatest Mystery in Physics”, Ken Wilber is an amazing thinker. Pendapat itu dituangkan dalam sebuah kalimat bahwa dunia ini berjalan dalam harmoni karena setiap bagian berhubungan satu sama lain, yang belakangan, dibuktikan oleh teori dawai atau juga dikenal dengan teori induk dalam dunia fisika.

This was an interesting book that was a self-proclaimed introduction to a map of the stages through which people develop, important implications of it, concepts which inform the process, and where we are heading both from abstract approaches as well as up-close-and-personal ramifications. Fascinating book which starts a bit slow after a great introduction and builds from there. Winter PS Winter Ten years have passed, and we here in America are in the beginning stages of choosing a president to lead us for the next four years.

His rigorous attack on both modernism and postmodernism are well placed I think, but I can’t stop feeling that he is a bit arrogant in placing the meditative state as the next step in our historical development. However troubling such findings may be to our everyday conception of ‘reality’, they merely confirm Max Plank’s famous statement that “those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum theory cannot possibly have understood it. It is an introduction which covers a lot of ground, presenting important topics, but doesn’t go far enough.

Detalhes do produto Formato: Any study of modern physics will reveal how modern theories are often the craftsmanship of high-level mathematical slight-of-hand and poetic license that strives to make said theories fit new evidence. Very interesting read but flawed. Rastreie seus pedidos recentes.

Buku yang menarik, menawarkan sebuah konsep baru dalam pandangan kehidupan. Mystics simply believe on the basis of personal experience that there is likely to exist another level or levels of consciousness beyond that of the five senses.


Foreign translations of the books of Ken Wilber

This was the first Ken Wilber book I discovered on a book shelf in the Melbourne city library, it was wedged between my reading of Jung and Joseph Utdo and seemed to be exactly what I was kenn for at the period.

Here is a concise, comprehensive overview of Wilber’s revolutionary thought and its application in today’s world. Habilitado Leitor de tela: A career driven, super-consumer Orange? Sep 02, Steve rated it liked it.

De volgende vraag is hoe je een samenleving kunt uja als je die niet vergelijkt met andere. Segala hal bagi saya merupakan kesatuan sistem. This point is unfortunately muddied in Wilber’s otherwise quite interesting introduction where he equates religion with spirituality p. Perhaps I’ve mellowed with age. Zeker niet zonder slag of stoot voor waar aan te nemen, maar wel inspirerend leeswerk dat je brein aan het werk zet.

This is a collection of essays by these men, with brief editing and an introduction by Ken Wilber. Similarly, his shifts into New Age jargon while something that I personally can tolerate and even appreciate would clearly be jarring to a wiober of readers even, I would argue, a fair number on the cusp of integral thinking that simply aren’t accustomed to many Eastern sentiments.

Sebuah pandangan yang mengingatkan kita pada ide bangsa Yunani kuno tentang Kosmos, yakni keseluruhan eksistensi yang mencakup alam fisik, ruh, pikiran, dan jiwa.

Admittedly he has all his “lines” of growth, but they still follow that main line that is from Beige to Tortoise. Well, for that you have to read Wilber’s book for its something so obvious yet complex to explain.

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